cut-e and Irish Times Training

cut-e and Irish Times Training have come together to investigate what motivates and drives managers in Ireland.

What We Do

Founded in 2002, cut-e (pronounced ‘cute’) provides online tests, questionnaires and gamified assessments. In May 2017, global professional services firm Aon plc acquired cut-e and integrated the company into its global talent solution. cut-e and Aon undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

Irish Times Training has been in the professional development and education business for nearly 35 years. As a subsidiary of The Irish Times, we work with a broad range of people and organisations to deliver the highest quality business and management training available.

This is how it works

First you will be asked to complete a short demographic survey

Next you will be able to complete your assessments

Finally, you will receive a feedback report displaying your results against 6 different management styles

How do I participate?

Thank you for your interest in the cut-e & Irish Time Training Management Research Project. Unfortunately the project is closed, however you can look forward to a forthcoming Whitepaper to be published detailing the results of the project, and a breakfast event Wednesday Oct 4th held in the Irish Times Training Offices

We invite you to visit our website to see the new products and systems we have in place to assist our partners with their talent measurement needs. If you are interested in hearing more about our talent measurement solutions, please contact info.ireland@cut and we will email you shortly